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FINA Store-Warehouse is retail and stock management software system that brings together POS, ecommerce, merchandising and order management, financials, and warehouse management into a single, centrally-managed solution.

FINA Store-Warehouse is suitable to work in retail shops, wholesale sales, and warehouse management. It is suitable to work in supermarkets, electronics, food/grocery, furniture, fashion and many more.

FINA Store-Warehouse has powerful functionality that helps you to manage your inventory, use loyalty systems, discount and gift cards, control stock, return or change the items, receive purchase orders. Additional to inventory operations, also financial operations can be performed such as payments to vendors, get money in advance from customers, return money. Powerful reporting allows to analyze the stock, sales, critical quantities, best sellers and more. POS module is easy to use and supports barcodes, discounts, different type of payments, cashier reports and more.





    Customer Orders

    Receive orders from customers and make reservation of products in stock


    Import & Export Data

    Import data from Excel according to predefined templates and export all type of reports to Excel


    Sell to individuals and registered customers

    Sell products and services to individuals and registered customers, write invoices and send directly by email, print cheques


    Inventarisation with tablet

    Make fast inventorization of products in stock with help of tablet and correct result.


    Point of Sale module

    Use POS for retail sales that supports barcodes and makes sell process easy



    Enter expenses, such as rent, electricity, transportation, etc.


    Critical quantities

    Control critical quantities of the products to make orders in time.


    Store places

    Assign to each product place where it is located per store


    Different methods of payments

    Use different type of payments such as cash, bank transfer, card. Get payments from customers and make payments to vendors


    Charge additional costs to import

    When receive products, add additional costs, like transportation and program will calculate the product cost automatically


    Price types

    Support different price plans, assign to each customer individually



    Different type of reports to see control stock, get sell statistics, debts to vendors and customers.



    Supports discount, gift and bonus cards. Also discount and price type can be assigned to customer


    Transfer between shops

    Move products from one store to another shop.


    Manage units

    For each product operations can be performed in different units, get product in pack but sell in piece.


    Manage user privileges

    Assign to each user privileges, what operations and reports they can operate with or view, which store or cash is available to navigate, cashier extra functions.

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