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FINA Restaurant

FINA Restaurant is suitable to work in restaurants, bars, quick service restaurants, night clubs and delivery services. It is easy to use and contains many functions that gives possibility to offer high quality service to your visitors and efficiently manage your business.

FINA Restaurant works on touch screen as well as on desktops and tablets and consists of back office, stock management, reporting, point-of-sale and kitchen monitor modules.

Managers can easily create sections and locate there different type and size of tables, create menus with prices and materials, assign privileges to servers, view different reports and statistics related to orders, can receive materials and products, manage payments to vendors, control stock.
Servers can reserve the tables and get orders, print recipes, use different type of payments, split recipes by visitors, merge and split tables, get orders for delivery. And only manager with assigned privileges can void, change or restore the order





    Manage menus and pricing

    Create menu and assign prices. Ingredients specified for each menu item allows to perform automatically production process



    Discounts can be easily applied to individual items or entire order.


    Multiple Payment Methods

    Accept cash, credit cards, konsignation or even multiple payment types on any transaction.


    Split receipt

    Get orders by each visitor at the table and print separate receipts or split receipt by amount or quantity


    Change the server

    Each server can assign active table to other server


    Merge tables

    Merge many tables to one and receive order and get payment based on this table


    Fast food mode

    Fast food mode gives possibility to manage orders without table specification



    Print and analyze reports related to orders


    Manage sections and tables

    Create section, define table design and locate them in different sections


    Manage ingredients of the dishes

    Упрощает модификацию ингредиентов созданного блюда соответственно желанию клиента, и создание не стандартного блюда


    Print Receipts

    Print preliminary and final receipts for customers and list for preparation for kitchen


    Modify/Cancel order

    Based on privileges assigned to administrator, change the product's quantity or cancel the order at all


    Change the table

    Change the table based on customer request


    Manage users privileges

    Administrator registers users and assign privileges for each function


    Register customer information

    Specify customer’s name, address and other information for billing


    Delivery and take out

    Manage orders for delivery and take out

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